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What is myOptions?

myOptions, a non-profit organization, is the nation’s largest college and career planning program. We offer free assistance and valuable resources to millions of students, their parents, and high school faculty and mentors nationwide.

Sign up for free in 4 easy steps:

1. Sign up!

We will mail all registration materials directly to the appropriate point of contact (i.e. principals, classroom educators, chapter advisors, school counselors).

2. Students fill out their profile

You’ll either have your students complete a custom, mobile-friendly online registration or fill out paper forms, which can be mailed back in a postage paid return envelope.

3. myOptions Account setup

Students can access their free myOptions accounts online or via our iOS app to explore their college, career, and scholarship matches and navigate the college planning process.

4. Monitor your students

You and your team can access cutting edge, interactive analytics tools to monitor student progress, track post-secondary outcomes of alumni, and help make post-secondary options affordable for students.

Our educational philosophy

We are a team of former educators who believe in serving students first, but We also provide district leaders, educators and outreach programs the power to transform the way they engage and support students.

We know that big dreams and bold ideas serve as the bedrock for American success stories. At myOptions, We encourage ALL students to dream as big as possible, and know that those big dreams will eventually transform the 21st century.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact:
Bryan Contreras, Vice President, K12 & Education Partnerships |

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