Getting into college should be just as much fun as being there.

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What is myOptions?

myOptions was created by a group of former college counselors and offers the unique features of myCollegeOptions in a new, exciting platform for students applying to US universities. We believe that students in all places regardless of income should have access to FREE college prep tools and created myOptions to help you navigate all things college prep and improve your chances of getting accepted to your dream school.

Our Approach

1. Your Preference Profile

You’ll start by identifying all of the features you’re looking for (and looking to avoid) in a school.

2. Preference Quizzes

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you can take fun quizzes to help you identify ideal types of schools for you.

3. School Discovery

You’ll then get to check out a customized list of schools for you, with each school categorized as a Reach, Target, or Likely school based on your academic profile. You’ll get to save schools you like to your profile to explore later.

4. Advice

Access over 300 free lessons that we’ve created on topics from how many times to take the SAT/ACT to what not to write your college essay about so you can learn how to improve your chances of acceptance.

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Let us help you get accepted to your dream school.


Don’t just take our word for it.

“I use the myOptions app almost every day, I personally love the personality quizzes. The lessons are so easy to get valuable information that you would never get from the internet or anywhere else.”

Liam K

Friends Academy

“I go to a big school so only get to see my counselor once a year. I literally checked out 127 schools on myOptions and was able to narrow down my list to 12 by the end of my junior year.”



Are you a Parent or School Counselor?

We created myOptions specifically for students and all our messaging is targeted at a high school student audience. You are more than welcome to create an account as you’ll probably find a lot of our lessons beneficial as well. We’re working on creating separate parent and counselor accounts so stay tuned.

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